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Restore Wellness

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Let us enhance the function of your muscles and joints, improve the circulation of blood and lymph and relieve pain and stress.  Your session will be tailored with your specific needs in mind, whether it be easing the pain or soothing the soul.

30 Min $50  60 Min $75  90 Min $112.50


This head to toe massage uses a blend of aromatic essential oils designed with you in mind.  Balance will be brought to body, mind and spirit with beautiful blends such as Harmonize, Calm, Relax or Uplift. 

60 Min $80  90 Min $117.50



A delicious blend of botanical essential oils are gently applied to the skin and allow the hot basalt stones to glide smoothly as the healing warmth melts away muscle tension.   The opposing sensation of cold is briefly introduced using chilled marble stones that are placed on the body to create the physiological benefit of vascular flushing. The healing energy of the Chakra stones will ground you as you are warmed from head to toe.

90 Min $120



Systematic pressure and stimulation of reflex points in the feet releases endorphins (natural pain killers), increases blood and lymph circulation and reduces stress levels, all of which aid in restoring balance to the systems of the body.   Reflexology is based on the premise that there are reflex points in the feet corresponding via nerve pathways to each organ, gland or part of the body and the stimulation of these reflex points normalizes the function of the corresponding area. This treatment is highly therapeutic and relaxing at the same time. 

60 Min  $75



Marine Sea Salt or Raw Brown Sugar is blended with Botanical essential oils and moisture rich lotions to exfoliate & hydrate the skin, increase local circulation and boost lymphatic activity.  Wash away the shimmer with a refreshing shower or rejuvenating bath and then relax as your skin is gently massaged with a full body hydrating treatment.  An enjoyable journey to healthy skin that shimmers and glows.

60 Min $75

Begin your massage with a 30 Minute Shimmer treatment for an additional $50


Blended with pumpkin, vitamin e, aloe, brown sugar, honey and sweet almond oil, this polish will leave your skin purely nourished. After gentle smoothing of the warmed polish onto the skin, you'll be cocooned in heat. As the wrap works it's magic, enjoy a scalp and facial mist & massage using essence of orange. After a refreshing shower, lay back as the skin is hydrated further with a full body application of creamy cinnamon body butter. The ultimate in silky soft and glowing skin.

60 Min $75


Melted chocolate, aloe, brown sugar, vitamin e, cocoa and soybean oils are blended to produce a polish that provides the skin with a delicious surge of antioxidants, hydration and exfoliation. Not to mention the decadent aroma that surrounds you & delights the senses! Once the warm polish is massaged into the skin, you'll be cocooned in heat, the face and scalp will be misted and massaged using essence of rose. After a refreshing shower, lay back as the skin is richly moisturized with a creamy cocoa body butter.

60 Min $75


This Japanese energy-based healing modality uses light touch to reestablish normal energy flow or Ki.  Balanced energy enhances self healing and reduces stress levels. 

60 Min $75

Therapeutic Bath Soaks

Begin you massage with one of the following therapeutic baths for an additional $50:

  • Soothing Sea Kelp Soak
  • Herbal Aromatherapy Bath
  • Rose Milk Bath


All prices subject to HST.